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Our Dallas, Texas team is committed to providing family and business clients with honest and knowledgeable guidance in their Immigration processes. We practice exclusively Immigration law, with experienced legal staff dedicated to each branch of Immigration law. We have proven our expertise and solid customer service since the firm was founded in 2006.

We pride ourselves on handling each case with attention to detail, prompt communication, efficiency, and integrity, as reflected in our 10/10 Avvo ratings and client reviews. Call Patnaik Law Office today.


Very Satisfied

September 21, 2014 Well I am very satisfied with the help and the support that I had while being under Patnaik Law Office. And also they were very nice and understanding. – J Flores

Complicated Case

June 15, 2016 When I first met with Sonali Patnaik and presented my case, after the discussion I was confident that she will be the best choice. My case was little bit technical but the way she pursued my case and finished it that showed her knowledge and professionalism in immigration issues. I highly recommend Sonali Patnaik, for all immigration matters. – M. Shoaib

Excellent Experience

May 27, 2013 "Sonali was very professional and prompt in dealing with my case. I would not hesitate to recommend her to a friend." – Rohit, an Immigration Client

Something about Sonali to Indian community out there

March 10, 2014 "She knows what we want. I went to her to submit my green card application in the last minute (2007 July), my app was turned down by couple of lawyers because of time constraint but Sonali understood my situation and took the case, since then I had NO REGRETS working with her. She is very patient, super smart, every time I see her with questions she tried to answer most of them without losing any patience. If I have to talk about her, she is smart, knows what she is doing and answers all our questions with lots of patience. If anyone out there looking for a lawyer with these qualities, she is the one. Good Luck, by the by I got my green card and the credit goes to Sonali. Thank you." – Suraj, an immigration client