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Our Dallas, Texas team is committed to providing family and business clients with honest and knowledgeable guidance in their Immigration processes. We practice exclusively Immigration law, with experienced legal staff dedicated to each branch of Immigration law. We have proven our expertise and solid customer service since the firm was founded in 2006.

We pride ourselves on handling each case with attention to detail, prompt communication, efficiency, and integrity, as reflected in our 10/10 Avvo ratings and client reviews. Call Patnaik Law Office today.


Green Cards

January 28, 2016 It has been a very pleasant experience with Patnaik Law Office right the beginning of the process until we finally got the Green Cards. Followup and Communication at every phase was incredible. – V. Tatipamula

E-2 Visas

July 25, 2014

"Sonali certainly has had the knowledge and skills to help me. However, what I appreciate the most is that she has taken the time to explain the process and my options to me.

She replies to my phone calls and emails promptly. Immigration had been the most stressful issue in my life, until I started using Sonali. Previously I tried other attorneys be fore Sonali, but I always felt lost and uncertain. Sonali gave results and peace of mind. I'm very grateful for all she has done for me."

– Robert, an E-2 Visa Client

Very Satisfied

September 21, 2014 Well I am very satisfied with the help and the support that I had while being under Patnaik Law Office. And also they were very nice and understanding. – J Flores

For H1 Visas

May 27, 2013 "I have worked with Sonali on getting my H1 visa and a transfer later. It has been a very smooth and stress free process." – Sneha, an Employment Client