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Oct 22

New USCIS Policy on I-693 Medical Exams

USCIS has issued a Policy Alert that significantly alters the I-693 Medical Exam requirements for all I-485 Adjustment of Status cases filed after November 1, 2018.

Previously, the policy was that Form I-693 was valid for one year from issuance date. In light of processing times over one year, USCIS previously allowed applicants to file I-485 packets without the I-693 included, and then sent out Requests for Evidence instructing Applicants to bring their Medical Exams with them to the Adjustment of Status Interview. This attempted to prevent I-693 expiration by having Applicants obtain the medical exam within the months preceding their I-485 interview.

This policy has now changed to extend the validity of a sealed I-693 to a 2 year period, which also brought a change in the filing requirements. The new policy requires that a sealed I-693 Medical Exam is included in an initial I-485 Application packet. Moreover, the form must be dated within 60 days of the I-485 filing date. Given that USCIS can take up to 4 weeks to receipt applications, it is our recommendation that Applicants obtain the medical exam no more than 45 days prior to filing. This new rule takes effect on November 1, and will apply to both all I-485 filing categories.

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