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Jul 13

What if the DACA program is terminated?

With the news breaking today of DHS Secretary Kelly’s statement to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, there is now a legitimate threat of DACA facing a legal challenge in Court by a group of Republican State Attorneys General without a robust defense by DHS and DOJ.

For the beneficiaries of DACA, this could mean a return to undocumented status. In mobilizing against this outcome, it is important for DACA advocates to fully understand the issues at play. The legal challenge threatened centers on the issue of an executive order altering Immigration policy instead of an act of Congress. Practically speaking, reversing the status of 80000 law abiding young people without any legislative plan is ridiculous. So, in addition to lobbying their own State Representatives to urge State Attorneys General against challenging DACA in Court, activists should focus on contacting their U.S. Congressional Reps to demand Dream Act legislation be passed before DACA can be repealed. If the concern is that DACA program bypassed Congress, then the onus should be on Congress’ to create a viable transition plan, with a proper route to Lawful Permanent Residence, before pulling the rug out from under 80000 young people.

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