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Bianca Hall – Legal Assistant

Bianca joined the Patnaik Law Office team in 2015. Bianca assists the attorney with a wide range of complex employment based immigration cases, including H-1B, L-1B, P3, EB2 and EB3, PERM, TN, etc. Her passion for Immigration Law continues to grow as she works closely with Employers and Employees for a smooth transition between visa statuses and into permanent residence.


Excellent Experience

May 27, 2013 "Sonali was very professional and prompt in dealing with my case. I would not hesitate to recommend her to a friend." – Rohit, an Immigration Client

The best lawyer I ever had

May 27, 2013 "Sonali is a winner. She lets you know what is going on in as much detail as you want. Your case is treated as if it is of the upmost importance. Sonali is a professional who works hard. But Sonali is quite human, friendly, and she is always cheerful. Sonali had a healthy flexibility when dealing with me and the case. Out of the 20 to 30 emails I sent to her, she replied to each one the next day. She is far superior to any lawyer I had previously." – Mark, an Immigration Client

Great Results, Personable, Expert

March 10, 2013 "We really like her professional demeanor and knowledge of the murky immigration issues, and she was quick to contact the relevant authorities when there were some issues my my application. Strongly recommended!!!" – Prashaanth Ravindran (Immigration client)

Hard working attorney, will get you through…

March 10, 2013 "Helped one of my family member back to US after having 10 years bar. She worked so well. She is also honest and reasonable." – Jimmy, an Immigration Client